Wesley's has it's sights set on becoming one of the leading clothing boutiques and we'd love you to be part of our success. Wesley's was started by a pair of love birds and have become one of the most talked about online fashion boutiques in the USA thanks to our close partnerships with independent brands and designers. We couldn't have achieved such success without the help of bloggers and we invite you to share in our success.

How it works

Simple, just add a link to Wesley's on your blog or social network! We only accept extremely high quality fashion blogs and if you're accepted, then we ask that you advertise Wesley's on your website or social network with whatever works best for you. Your visitors will click on the Wesley's link where they will be directed to our website to shop our unique selection of indie fashion and accessories. If they make a purchase, then you'll earn 15% commission on those sale. Your program acceptance email will outline the structure of the program and rules. For example, you cannot earn commission on purchases that you make yourself. Your application is 100% FREE, straightforward and simple.

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Sign-up by click on the button below. If your high quality fashion blog is approved, then you'll become a member of our Affiliate Program and start earning commission right away. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. Promote Wesley's by placing ads, banners, or links on your blog or website. You choose which product you love and share it with your readers and start earning right away. The more you help us sell, the more money you earn!

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